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We practice a non-pharmacological approach to healthcare. We treat a whole person not a body part or a specific diagnosis given by your physician. We integrate traditional eastern medicine concepts with modern biomedical science. 


Our treatment modalities include functional medicine preventive care, medical acupuncture, trigger point injection therapy including Prolotherapy and Prolozone as well as therapeutic massage.

We specialized in orthopedics and neurology to successfully treat musculoskeletal acute or chronic pain and injuries.

Our story began in south Florida in 2009 when our first clinic opened under the name Anderson Integrative Medicine in Pompano Beach. We started small seeing a few patients a day and slowly grew our patient base. Even though our growth was steady we had to made a difficult decision to sale our business due to family matters and moved to central Florida where we gain more experience in orthopedics, geriatrics and military service injuries.

Dr. Anderson Goncalves, D.O.M., D.Ac.
Clinical Director and Founder

Anderson C. Gonçalves is a integrative medicine doctor, primary care provider and Florida licensed acupuncture physician with 15 years of private practice experience specialized in drug free treatment modalities of chronic pain as well as functional medicine and preventive care. A Doctoral graduate from the prestigious Pacific College of Health and Science in San Diego and Masters and Bachelors from the Atlantic Institute in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Dr. Anderson also received advanced medical training from Florida's best eastern medicine doctors and internationally renowned physicians including:

* Dr. Raul Nogier MD. (France) auricular therapy training at John Hopkins University.

* Dr. Jan Kersschot MD. (Belgium) founder of Biopuncture injection therapy

* Dr. Kathy Stahlman (USA) Regenerative Medicine, administering Prolozone and Prolotherapy injection techniques

* Dr. Nambudripad MD.(USA) Naet allergy elimination techniques  

* Integrative oncology training by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Center in New York, a national reference in Integrative Cancer care and research.

Andrea Sosvianin, Bach Flower Therapist

Andrea Sosvianin has a Bachelor in Education with emphasis in Psychology and a background in teaching. For the past 15 years Andrea embraced her call to help others heal with Psychosomatic disorders including anxiety, depression, ADHD, impulsive behaviors and pain of unknown cause.

Andrea's training includes, Bar Access therapy, Generative Reprocessing therapy (TRG), Reiki and

Bach Flower remedies.


Andrea's therapies can be conducted online or in person. 

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